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Hi Guys, I'm wondering the best and safest way to split my BCH that I hold on Coinable and if it is even possible to send them from there and then split them. I had some held on Bittrex and it automatically split them. I have tried a couple of other options (with very small amounts) using the electron cash wallet and using my ledger hardware wallet and creating a splitter wallet/tool etc and then sending to the binance bch sv wallet where they were supposed to have then been split and added to both BCH wallets. The process was quite longwinded, pretty technical but ultimately it didn't work and I was just credited to the BCH ABC wallet. Another thread suggested sending to coinex where it supposedly would be auto split, (also didn't work) I'm not a techie but can follow instruction pretty well but really would be looking to send them to an exchange or wallet that would auto split them for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....
Splitting BCH ABC/SV
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